Hear what others have to say.


Hear what others have to say.

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Kelly and “Jake”

Thank you all for helping Jake and getting him through emergency surgery. He is home being ‘protected’ by his pack. He is doing well and we are so grateful to you all.

‎Bob and “Calvin”

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You…so much for taking care of Little Calvin last night. You could tell I was a wreck and you went out of your way to communicate to me that he was in good hands (I’d say the best hands!) and that he would be cared for. And you totally did as promised!

Thank you for putting a nervous cat daddy at about as much ease as possible. I’ll never forget the kindness of both Laurell and Dr. Sigman!

Did I mention, thank you!

Karen and “Bella”

Dr Yang has been so wonderful with me and Bella! We were both so anxious over Bella’s TPLO recovery. She’s so patient and kind and takes the time to explain the recovery process in great detail.

Christhie, “Motika” and “Baby”

Dr. Colitz is AWESOME!! She has been fantastic taking care of one of my babies. Same as for her husband Dr. Latimer who also took care of another of my babies. The whole staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them. To me and my babies they are the BEST!!

Belinda and “Dillinger”

I had a terrible situation where my beloved dog Dillinger was attacked by another dog and I have never seen an injury like it- I could see all in his chest, bones muscles everything! I didn’t think he would make it. Dr. Padron saved his life. They were not even sure if Dillinger was going to be able to keep his leg. Happy to report that Dillinger is walking on it and even wagging his tail as he continues to recover over there. The entire staff there is beyond compassionate, I honestly just cannot day enough nice things about these people. They have been 100% honest with me in managing my expectations and I feel so blessed to have brought Dillinger there. Highly highly HIGHLY recommend. Everyone I dealt with was AMAZING. Thank you Dr. Padron and Kelly and Nikki and Zack and Christina everyone!!! (I am sorry for the names I cannot recall, I was very distressed when I brought him in and had to call back for the Surgeon’s name. These guys are the best- nobody’s better!

Update: Two weeks post-op and Dillinger is doing great! Everyone continues to be amazing as I take him in for his follow up and I am just so very grateful for Dr. Padron and everyone at this wonderful facility.

Ronald and “Vito”

Words cannot express what Vito means to us, I’ve had dogs my whole life, and this one is something special along with his sister . The gratitude I have for Dr. Carpenter, my daughter Victoria and the rest of the staff especially Carmen and Latimer is immeasurable!!!! We can’t thank Dr. Carpenter and the Jupiter Emergency Center, enough!

Mabelle and “Scotch”

Very good experience! Loved how friendly everyone was very sweet and Dr. Latimer was very kind, honest and trustworthy.

Deb and “Max”

Dr. Latimer is the best veterinary surgeon. He is skillful, knowledgeable, and caring of the pets he treats. In addition, his staff and technicians are totally knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend Dr. Latimer to treat any pet in need of his services.

Hudson and “Kona”

I CANNOT speak highly enough of JPESC and their entire team. My dog Kona has been through a lot this year including UTI’s, a double ACL surgery, two herniated discs that left her initially paralyzed in the rear legs, followed by emergency spine surgery, and now we do consistent rehab with their incredibly extensive and all-encompassing facility with Dr. Yang and the team. This has happened over 6 months, and I feel like I can call them family. From the support we got as scared dog-parents when they told us Kona would need an emergency MRI and back surgery, to the happy hellos and goodbyes we get when we pick her up from rehab, I know we couldn’t have picked a better vet or emergency center to take care of our fur-child.

We first went to JPESC to get a second opinion from Dr. Latimer, about a limp Kona had for some time. Another vet told us she would need a hip replacement… wasn’t even her hip turns out, it was BOTH of her ACL’s. And he told us this with just a couple X-Rays! So incredible.
Dr. Latimer was so gentle with Kona and patient in explaining our options to fix her torn ACL’s. We opted with surgery and his prediction of what recovery would look like, and how long it would take was spot on. Even when Kona had some accidental licking of one of her sutures and caused an infection, the office saw her right away and got her started on antibiotics ASAP.

The following month, Kona had a horrible episode of pain (before we knew she had herniated two discs in her spine), so we took her to the ER side of JPESC and the night vet, Dr. Torre, was so kind to call me multiple times knowing I was concerned with how much pain she was in, and I couldn’t go into the office because of COVID precautions. The next morning we saw the emergency team again because Kona had become paralyzed overnight… The team met us at our car the minute we pulled into a parking spot, and carefully transitioned Kona to a stretcher so as to not injure her spine further (since they knew she probably had spinal cord damage causing the paralysis). Dr. Katz was so honest in his recommendation for a specialty neurology office, stating which office he would personally take his dog to, but also giving us a more affordable option too. They even kept Kona in the office on a pain medication IV drip while we went home to prepare her things for probable surgery later that day down in Boynton.

Fast forward a couple weeks and we were following up with the new in-house neurologist, Dr. Senneca, from Southeast Vet Neurology where Kona had her spine surgery! It made things so much easier for follow up having a neurologist in-office! And as soon as we were able to, we started Kona on a rehab package twice a week with Dr. Yang where she would go and do anything from stretching, to water treadmill exercises, laser therapy, and even acupuncture. I’ve gotten to know the rehab team the most out of all the departments at JPESC, and they are the sweetest, most patient, loving, and willing to go over the moon for Kona. In everything they do you can tell they love every animal that comes into their care, as well as the family they belong to. It means so much to share the ups and downs with people you know care about your pet and WANT to see them live their best life. Ultimately, Kona regained some but not all mobility, so we got her a cart per the recommendation of Dr. Yang. The office even placed the order for us and had it delivered to them so they could fit it to her and build it once it arrived. When I picked her up from rehab that day, they surprised me by bringing her out on her wheels and all shared in my happiness and happy tears as we watched Kona excitedly run around again.

This kind of office and staff doesn’t come around often, and you can tell JPESC only hires the best of the best, both personality-wise, and skill. Kona and I are honored to be a part of the JPESC family.

Susan and “Tela”

The service was great! Everyone was polite and they kept me updated throughout the process. We were an emergency so they had to squeeze us in but they were very efficient in the process. The doctor was informative about what was happening and my baby is on her way to recovery.

Jamie and “Seamus”

Thank you, thank you. I have brought Seamus to Dr Colitz for years ever since he became diabetic and lost his eyesight and have received nothing but warm greetings and great care. Unfortunately this morning at 2:30am Seamus had a stroke and lost use of the left side of his body, the last thing I’ve ever wanted is for my companion of 14 years to be in any pain or discomfort. Deciding it was his time, I called the emergency center for availability and then arrived shortly thereafter to a warm welcome from Kelsey, Rachel and Will. They along with Dr. Alexis Torre were helpful, comforting and professional in how they handled me and Seamus in the most traumatic time in our lives.

Adriana and “Sadie Mae”

I would like to THANK your staff, from Sam trying to help me figure out how much we would have to spend on a broken femur to the nurses walking in and out of the clinic, to Dr. Padron. I wish I was not so far (2 hrs) I would definitely bring my 2 dogs there for your care. Once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH you all made this lil nightmare rest at ease seeing our Sadie so happy (walking all around) this morning not even 24 hrs after surgery.

Steve & Mary Ann and “Rocco”

We were first referred to Jupiter Pet when our regular vet diagnosed our little French Bulldog Rocco with a failing gallbladder. He had to be cleared by a cardiologist due to his age and a heart murmur. Once cleared the cardiologist said he needed the surgery ASAP. Thankfully Dr. Latimer was able to take him right away. He saved our little boy and was a pleasure throughout as was the whole staff. A year or so later Rocco started having some mobility problems so we brought him back in to be looked at. After diagnosis we were handed off to Dr. Yang and she took care of our Rocco and helped him to have mobility into his senior years. Sadly the day came where we found ourselves in the ER on a Sunday having to make the decision none of us want to make. Dr. Katz’s kindness and understanding helped us to accept the inevitable. We were losing our little boy. As we held our Rocco for the last time who walks in? Dr. Yang. She came in on her own time to grieve with us. I can’t begin to explain how much that meant to my wife and I. Dr. Yang now takes care of our Leeloo helping to keep her as mobile as possible during her senior years. Thank you Dr. Latimer, Dr. Yang, Dr. Katz and to everyone at Jupiter Pet for all you have done for our family. We are forever grateful.

Pat and “Coco”

We have been to the Jupiter Pet Emergency and specialty center a few times in the past few years and have found the staff to be wonderful and caring about our precious 4 legged children!!

Janelle and “Star”

Both wonderful Doctors!! Dr. Padron saved my dog’s life and removed a huge mass from her belly and removed her spleen. So grateful to him and the staff for the extra time we now have with her. It’s because of the team at Jupiter Pet ER that our sweet girl is smiling again and chasing lizards!!

Dr. Latimer has also made the lives of the shelter dogs and cats at Furry Friends so much better with the work he has done for them to help them have a better life and live pain free.

The whole staff is beyond great!!