Hear what others have to say.


Hear what others have to say.

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Belinda and “Dillinger”

I had a terrible situation where my beloved dog Dillinger was attacked by another dog and I have never seen an injury like it- I could see all in his chest, bones muscles everything! I didn’t think he would make it. Dr. Padron saved his life. They were not even sure if Dillinger was going to be able to keep his leg. Happy to report that Dillinger is walking on it and even wagging his tail as he continues to recover over there. The entire staff there is beyond compassionate, I honestly just cannot day enough nice things about these people. They have been 100% honest with me in managing my expectations and I feel so blessed to have brought Dillinger there. Highly highly HIGHLY recommend. Everyone I dealt with was AMAZING. Thank you Dr. Padron and Kelly and Nikki and Zack and Christina everyone!!! (I am sorry for the names I cannot recall, I was very distressed when I brought him in and had to call back for the Surgeon’s name. These guys are the best- nobody’s better!

Update: Two weeks post-op and Dillinger is doing great! Everyone continues to be amazing as I take him in for his follow up and I am just so very grateful for Dr. Padron and everyone at this wonderful facility.

Christhie, “Motika” and “Baby”

Dr. Colitz is AWESOME!! She has been fantastic taking care of one of my babies. Same as for her husband Dr. Latimer who also took care of another of my babies. The whole staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them. To me and my babies they are the BEST!!

Karen and “Bella”

Dr Yang has been so wonderful with me and Bella! We were both so anxious over Bella’s TPLO recovery. She’s so patient and kind and takes the time to explain the recovery process in great detail.

‎Bob and “Calvin”

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You…so much for taking care of Little Calvin last night. You could tell I was a wreck and you went out of your way to communicate to me that he was in good hands (I’d say the best hands!) and that he would be cared for. And you totally did as promised!

Thank you for putting a nervous cat daddy at about as much ease as possible. I’ll never forget the kindness of both Laurell and Dr. Sigman!

Did I mention, thank you!

Kelly and “Jake”

Thank you all for helping Jake and getting him through emergency surgery. He is home being ‘protected’ by his pack. He is doing well and we are so grateful to you all.

Janelle and “Star”

Both wonderful Doctors!! Dr. Padron saved my dog’s life and removed a huge mass from her belly and removed her spleen. So grateful to him and the staff for the extra time we now have with her. It’s because of the team at Jupiter Pet ER that our sweet girl is smiling again and chasing lizards!!

Dr. Latimer has also made the lives of the shelter dogs and cats at Furry Friends so much better with the work he has done for them to help them have a better life and live pain free.

The whole staff is beyond great!!

Pat and “Coco”

We have been to the Jupiter Pet Emergency and specialty center a few times in the past few years and have found the staff to be wonderful and caring about our precious 4 legged children!!

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