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August 8th is Cat Day!

At JPESC we love our feline companions, and in honor of them, we have compiled a list of interesting cat facts.  I hope you enjoy and learn something new! A female cat is called a queen, as anyone with a cat can attest, they certainly live up to the name Cats walk like camels and giraffes. They move both right feet forward, followed by both left feet, meaning they move half of their body forward at a time.  They are the only three animals to walk in that pattern! Many people know that ancient Egyptians worshiped cats, but did youRead More

Sago Palm Toxicity

Sago Palm plants are a very common decorative house plant as well as a landscaping plant.  Unfortunately, the ingestion of any part of a Sago Palm is extremely dangerous to people and animals.  Sago palm is also commonly called Cardboard Palm or Coontie Palm but refers to the genus Cycads. They thrive in tropical and subtropical climates, and require very little care.  This makes them readily available and good for beginning gardeners. I recently noticed some Sago palms being sold as Bonsai plants at some stores.  On close inspection of their plant tag, I found, in fine print, a tinyRead More